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STUBE NORD - a program for international students
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Social counseling for international students is offered at Evangelical Student Communities (ESG) or the Ecumenical Emergency Fund („Ökumenischer Notfonds“). The Ecumenical Emergency Fund provides financial aid for foreign students in an emergency. You can find more information here: and also on your local ESG and their Ecumenical Emergency Fund.

In addition, educational and intercultural  events take place at the various university locations, which are open to all students of different disciplines and religion. Students are welcome to participate and  also to contribute with  their own topics and experience for example at a "Weltwärts evening", "ESG International", "Club international" etc.

Many ESG'n also offer telephone counseling for students. All concerns are treated confidentially and anonymously and the offer is aimed to everyone - regardless of denomination or religion. You can find more information on the corresponding ESG'n homepages.

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