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STUBE NORD - a program for international students
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About STUBE Nord


The name STUBE stands for “Studienbegleitprogramm”, a program that accompanies academic studies.

STUBE Nord is an educational program by "Brot für die Welt", a German aid agency. It offers students from Africa, Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe space for the exchange of experience and development-related information. STUBE complements the individual professional academic studies with high-quality seminars that raise the students’ awareness and qualification regarding developmental policies and related topics. STUBE work is characterized by an intercultural, interdisciplinary and interreligious orientation.

STUBE connects students from abroad

Report from a seminar

There is a lively discussion in the old match factory in Lauenburg (which is now a hostel) about freedom of expression and human rights. The participants of the STUBE seminar bring a lot of experience from their countries of origin to the youth hostel. Not only speakers give lectures on the weekend, but the students themselves report on the situation in Georgia, Syria, Latin America. The 18 young people from almost as many nations discover common ground: they share political and personal visions as well as the challenge of studying and living far away from home.
Outside the river Elbe flows calmly. Lauenburg is tranquil in winter, very different from the bustling Hamburg university campus. "It is very good to get out," says Daina Jeruto. The sociology student from Kenya is enjoying the time-out that the STUBE seminar offers. Here she feels understood and in good hands: "We all have similar experiences: Whether I am talking about the challenges in Kenya or about my worries and plans for the future, I never feel like a stranger in this group." Almost all continents are represented here, almost all subjects. For the 33-year-old student, it is precisely this mixture that makes up the STUBE seminars: "There is no theoretical lecture here. The diversity of people with their different interests brings every topic to life."
"The role of the media in the enforcement of human rights" is on the program on Saturday. A key question for Zaki Sharawy from Egypt, especially at the time of the "Arab Spring" in his country of origin. "Since there are no development policy issues in my studies, STUBE is very important to me," says the 35-year-old biologist, who doesn't have much time for anything else besides his doctoral thesis. The seminars also offer him the opportunity to improve his German. "With STUBE I discovered what intercultural exchange can mean - and that you have to practice it," says Zaki, who was initially critical of the church's educational program. Today he appreciates the open atmosphere of STUBE-Nord: "Nationality and religion do not matter here. We learn this attitude from the STUBE employees above all."
Abdelaziz Alkhaled from Syria is also interested in the global and holistic aspect of learning: "With the STUBE seminars, not only did my view of this world expand significantly, but I also learned very specific tools here, like to stand in front of a group and to present a topic" says the business administration student from Bremen. The 32-year-old not only gained courage for his studies, but also got the urge to become involved in the STUBE train-the-trainer program: "I would like to report from my country in a different way than the Media usually does only under the dictatorship aspect, "says Abdelaziz, who also enjoys the time-out near the Elbe:" It is difficult to study in Germany without a scholarship. I always lack the time in which I have to earn money for studying and for integration. It helps me to hear how others deal with it. "
And then there is one big topic that concerns everyone: whether to return and how and when. "When I met other students, it became clear to me that I can only make the jump back to Egypt if I build up a strong network," explains Zaki and Jeruto agrees: "You cannot just come back, you have to prepare. " STUBE not only helps her with seminars or internships, but also beyond: "For me, STUBE is a platform that opens many doors. We STUBE people are no longer strangers to us, but can contact us at any time," says the young woman, who has now collected many email addresses and is connected across the world. Contact to Syria and Egypt will also continue beyond the weekend, as Jeruto is certain: "And to STUBE-Nord in Hamburg anyway."