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STUBE NORD - a program for international students
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Internships and study visits (BPSA)


STUBE Nord supports pre-vocational internships and study visits. STUBE's BPSA program covers travel expenses for a study visit or an internship in your country of origin or a neighboring country.
Such a stay should enable students to apply the subject-related knowledge that they acquired during their studies in a practical setting in their country of origin. At the same time, a stay at home offers the opportunity to get in touch with potential employers, to complete study work related to the country of origin and to visit one's own family (after longer absence).

Services of the BSPA program:
• Flight costs: max. 1,280 euros
• Travel allowance: max. 500 euros (for double the cost of living)

What is supported?
• A stay to prepare or complete a thesis, or do research for a study project
• A stay to complete an internship that is relevant to the study or profession

Who is funded?
Students from Africa, Asia, Latin America or Eastern Europe who are studying at a university in the federal states of Bremen, Hamburg, Schleswig-Holstein and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern are eligible.

Students are eligible if they...

  • do not receive a scholarship
  • have not been in the country of origin during the past 20 to 24 months
  • cannot pay the travel expenses themselves
  • are advanced in their Bachelor- or Masterprogram
  • have a demonstrable interest in development policy and show commitment to the cause

Please note, that students in a PhD program are not eligible.
Further information is available in a leaflet. You can also download the application form for BPSA funding here.