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STUBE NORD - a program for international students
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Emergency fund for international students

Emergency fund for international students from Asia, Africa and Latin America

The Ecumenical Emergency Fund provides financial aid for foreign students in an emergency, so that they can continue to concentrate on their studies during demanding periods, such as exams, internships or similar. Please note that this is not a scholarship, but a temporary support in an emergency.

International students, enrolled at a University in Hamburg, can apply for temporary financial support, if they are from one of the DAC countries: https://www.bmz.de/de/ministerium/zahlen_fakten/oda/hintergrund/dac_laenderliste/index.html

Not eligible for support are:

  • PhD students
  • Students studying for a second degree
  • Recipients of long-term scholarships
  • Recognised asylum seekers, who receive BAföG
  • Students married to a German or European citizen

The financial support is provided through resources from Brot für die Welt and the Evangelical Lutheran Church (Northern district). As this is not a state-funded support system, there is no legal entitlement towards the aid.
In case of repeated support, social or developmental engagement is expected. If this is your first application, we are happy to provide information about the ESG Hamburg www.esg-hamburg.de, the supporting programme for International Students (STUBE) and other organisations.

All leaflets and application documents can be downloaded on this website (see below).

Please send the documents to:
Belinda Öhlmann
E-Mail: notfonds@diakonie-hamburg.de

Claudia Bröker
E-Mail: broeker@diakonie-hamburg.de

Counselling by appointment only!