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STUBE NORD - a program for international students
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Train-the-Trainer Program


What is the STUBE Train-the-trainer program?

Become an ambassador for a fairer world!

Would you like to meet other students from countries in the global south and discuss global issues? For example, how does poverty manifest itself worldwide and how can it be overcome? How about respect for human rights worldwide? What does chocolate consumption in the global north have to do with child labor in the global south? What is the relationship between hunger and food waste?

Do you want to participate in finding solutions for making this world a better place for all people? In a total of 11 modules, spread over the course of a year, you have the opportunity to learn about sustainable development of our world!

Perhaps you would also like to motivate other people, such as children or young people, to think about these topics? Then the train-the-trainer program is just right for you! The STUBE Nord training also gives you the opportunity to learn how to present topics using a variety of educational methods and in a target group-oriented way. The training therefore also includes two assignments in school classes or congregations to gain practical experience. Those who participate regularly and deliver a final presentation will receive a certificate from Diakonisches Werk at the end of the training. After the successful completion of the program, you can plan and carry out educational events with STUBE Nord.

Since the educational events will be conducted in German language, it is necessary that you have good German skills in order to enroll in the train-the-trainer program.

Click here for the application documents for the 2020 train-the-trainer program.

You can find an overview of the annual program here.

For more information on the train-the-trainer program, please click here.