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STUBE NORD - a program for international students

STUBE Nord is a program that accompanies academic studies. As a student from Africa, Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe, you can visit our seminars for education in intercultural and global topics. We focus on the question: How can we make our world more sustainable and fair? Furthermore, STUBE is a place to network, to share your experience about living in a foreign country and to make friends. Students from Germany and other European countries who are interested in development issues and people from other continents are also very welcome


Internships and study visits (BPSA)

STUBE Nord offers financial support for a planned internship or a study visit in the country of origin or a neighboring country. Find more information about the funding and the requirements here.

Train-the-Trainer Program

In the STUBE Nord train-the-trainer program, you can learn one year together about topics like sustainability and social justice in a global world. You will learn how to convey your favorite topics for sustainable development to other target groups.

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Multiplikatorenprogramm für Kooperationspartner von STUBE

Sie führen Bildungsveranstaltungen zu entwicklungspolitischen und globalen Themen durch und möchten diese durch authentische Berichte der Multiplikator*innen oder ihre Perspektive bereichern?

Emergency fund for international students

The ecumenical emergency fund provides financial aid in an emergency situation. You are eligible, if you are enrolled at a university in Hamburg and come from one of the DAC countries. For students from other university locations: please find information about the ecumenical emergency fund at your regional ESG.

STUBE nationwide

STUBE is also available in other federal states of Germany. Here is a nationwide overview of the other programs.

Information / Advice / Links

Social counseling for international students is offered at Evangelical Student Communities (ESG) or the Ecumenical Emergency Fund („Ökumenischer Notfonds“). The Ecumenical Emergency Fund provides financial aid for foreign students in an emergency.

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