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Sister City Partnership

Cooperation desk Dar es Salaam - Hamburg

On July 1th, 2010 the Mayors of Dar es Salaam and Hamburg signed the Sister City Declaration, in order to develop and foster friendship and understanding between the people of both cities.

The harbor city Dar es Salaam is the youngest Sister City of Hamburg and the only one on the African continent.

Exchanges and joint projects give live to this friendship. The actors work to together in networks.

The Cooperation Desk is an information service for all people, groups and institutions interested in the partnership. The desk is financed by the free and hanseatic city of Hamburg.

Our offer

  • information and advice on all aspects of the partnership between Hamburg and Dar es Salaam.
  • to put you in contact to projects and partner in Dar es Salaam and Hamburg.
  • support and promotion of the networks in both towns.
  • information about events and possibilities to engage in the partnership.

 Please feel free to contact us.