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Dar es Salaam


Dar es Salaam (arabisch: ‏دار السلام‎ ‚Harbour of peace‘), is with more than 4 Million inhabitants the biggest town in Tansania. Hamburg with it’s nearly 2 million inhabitants is the second biggest town in Germany. Hamburg is the biggest habour city of Germany and Dar es Salaam even of East Africa. They are both economic centres of trade and production. There political influence is strong. Universities attract many young people. Both metropolises offer a vivid cultural live.

A major topic affecting the inhabitants of both cities is their health, environmental pollution, clean drinking water, poor air quality and a lack of infrastructure.

In 2010 Hamburg and Dar es Salaam joint hands and turned into Sister Cities. More than 50 groups and organizations in the towns exchange views with each other and develop joint projects.

The Diakonische Werk is an active part in the Sister City Partnership.


Sister City Partnership

Cooperation desk Dar es Salaam - Hamburg

The Cooperation Desk – an information point for everybody who is interested in the partnership.

International Exchange

AFP-EL Scholarship Programme

The AFP-EL Scholarship Programme of furthering Education for Specialists in Hamburg

International Cooperation


It’s own Health Project with our Tanzanian partner