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Fair Trade – How Does It Work? Workshop at El Puente in Nordstemmen
Fair Trade – How Does It Work? Workshop at El Puente in Nordstemmen

Fair Trade – How Does It Work? Workshop at El Puente in Nordstemmen

17.1.23 11:30 - 15:30
Andreas Kurschat (KED / STUBE Niedersachsen), Maureen von Dassel (KED), Marianne Rennberger - STUBE Nord
Fair Trade Organisation El Puente
Lise-Meitner-Straße 9
31171 Nordstemmen

In cooperation with STUBE Niedersachsen

Visiting the Fair Trade Organisation El Puente in Nordstemmen (near Hildesheim)

What is a fair price for coffee or chocolate in Germany that allows coffee or cocoa farmers in so-called developing and emerging market countries to make a living for themselves and their families from selling their harvest?

Fair trade is about trading relationships based on partnership. This means that producers of food or handicrafts are given the opportunity to achieve a better outlook on life as a result of more favorable conditions on the international market.

El Puente is one of the pioneers of the fair trade movement and cooperates with around 120 trading partners in Africa, Asia and Latin America today. The products are sold through specialized retailers like “world shops” in Germany and Europe as well as online. In this on-site workshop at El Puente we will look at concrete examples of supply chains and learn from an employee how trading partnerships work, how a fair price can be calculated, what role climate protection plays in this context, and much more.

We will also get a guided tour through the storerooms of El Puente and have a free lunch.


Language:              English

Registration until: 13 March 2023

Registration at:      STUBE Nord    

Travel costs:            covered by STUBE Nord


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